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    • Heart rate variability dynamics for the prognosis of cardiovascular risk 

      Ramirez Moreno, David Fernando; Calvo Echeverry, Paulo César; Agredo Rodriguez, William; Ramirez Villegas, Juan Felipe; Lam Espinosa, Eric (PLoS ONE, 2011-02)
      Statistical, spectral, multi-resolution and non-linear methods were applied to heart rate variability (HRV) series linked with classification schemes for the prognosis of cardiovascular risk. A total of 90 HRV records were ...
    • A saliency-based bottom-up visual attention model for dynamicscenes analysis 

      Ramirez Moreno, David Fernando; Schwartz, Odelia; Ramirez Villegas, Juan Felipe (Springer, 2013)
      This work proposes a model of visual bottom-up attention for dynamic scene analysis. Our work addsmotion saliency calculations to a neural network model withrealistic temporal dynamics [(e.g., building motion salienceon ...