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    • An integrated OPF dispatching model with wind power and demand response for day-ahead markets 

      Moreno-Chuquen, Ricardo; González Palomino, Gabriel; Obando Ceron, Johan Samir (Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science, 2019)
      In the day-ahead dispatching of network-constrained electricity markets, renewable energy and distributed resourcesare dispatched together with conventional generation. The uncertainty and volatility ...
    • Network topological notions for power systems security assessment 

      Moreno-Chuquen, Ricardo; Obando Ceron, Johan Samir (International Review of Electrical Engineering, IREE, 2018)
      The identification of topological vulnerabilities is a prerequisite for the study of security analysis. This paper presents a graph-theoretic framework to detect the minimum set of transmission lines interconnecting ...
    • Quantification of operating reserves with high penetration of wind power considering extreme values 

      Obando Ceron, Johan Samir; González Palomino, Gabriel; Moreno-Chuquen, Ricardo (International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE), 2020-04)
      The high integration of wind energy in power systems requires operating reserves to ensure the reliability and security in the operation. The intermittency and volatility in wind power ...