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    • Cultura clúster empresarial: Reto del mundo en el siglo XXI hacia un crecimiento empresarial 

      Fernandez Hurtado, Saul Rick; Marttínez Marttínez, Luz Angela (Espacios, 2018)
      The challenge for organizations is deeply linked to the management of integrated networking, thus contributing to greater insight into international markets by implementing business integration models. Therefore, the study ...
    • La evasión de impuesto como variable económica negativa para Colombia 

      Fernandez Hurtado, Saul Rick; Herrera Parra, Eddy Johana; Tamayo Miranda, Luisa Maria; Rojas, Alexander; Martínez Martínez, Luz Angela (Espacios, 2018-12-15)
      The main objective of this investigation is to identify the causes that have the taxpayers of the city of Cali not to present and pay the Tax on Industry and Commerce becoming tax evaders, study the culture of payment of ...