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dc.contributor.authorGabalán Coello, Jesússpa
dc.contributor.authorBalcero Molina, Anlly Licedspa
dc.contributor.authorVasquez-Rizo, Fredy Eduardospa
dc.contributor.authorMartínez González, Adriánspa
dc.contributor.authorFonseca Grandón, Gonzalospa
dc.description.abstractThis study presents the formulation of a quantitative and qualitative index of quality for accredited institutions based on their performance in five components related to institutional quality: research, students’ performance, dropout rates, employability, and accreditation. This index will allow each accredited institution to identify its competences and shortcomings in contrast to the rest, not with the intention of establishing a stiff metrics and positioning system, but of generating information inputs that are flexible and relevant and that allow the revision of each university’s status, thus constituting the foundations for a Colombian accreditation observatory for the purpose of continuous improvement.eng
dc.format.extent9 páginasspa
dc.publisherTaylor & Francis Group, LLCeng
dc.titleAn analysis of accredited colombian universities, based on performance variables associated with their qualityeng
dc.typeArtículo de revistaspa
dcterms.audienceComunidad en generalspa
dc.subject.armarcCalidad de la educaciónspa
dc.subject.armarcEducational qualityeng
dc.contributor.corporatenameTaylor & Francis Group, LLCeng
dc.relation.citesGabalán Coello, J., Balcero Molina, A.L., Vásquez Rizo, F.E., Martínez González, A., Fonseca Grandón, G. (2019). An analysis of accredited colombian universities, based on performance variables associated with their quality. Journal of latinos and education. Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 1-9.
dc.relation.ispartofjournalJournal of latinos and educationeng
dc.relation.referencesArd, N., Beasley, S., & Nunn-Ellison, K. (2017). Quality education through accreditation. Teaching & Learning in Nursing, 12(2), 85–87. Crossref.
dc.relation.referencesCancino, V., & Schmal, R. (2014). Sistema de Acreditación Universitaria en Chile: ¿Cuánto hemos avanzado? [University Accreditation System in Chile: What have we Come?]. Estudios Pedagógicos (Valdivia), 40(1), 41–60. Crossref
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dc.relation.referencesGabalán-Coello, J., & Laurier, M. (2017). ¿Cómo evaluar la práctica profesoral en posgrados? [How to evaluate the teaching practice in graduate studies?]. Santiago de Cali: Programa Editorial Universidad Autónoma de Occidente
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dc.relation.referencesSystem for the Prevention of the Dropout of Higher Education – SPADIES. (2018). SPADIES – Sistema para la Prevención de la Deserción de la Educación Superior [System for the Prevention of the Dropout of Higher Education]. Retrieved from
dc.rights.creativecommonsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)spa
dc.subject.proposalPerformance indexeng
dc.subject.proposalAccredited universitieseng
dc.subject.proposalPerformance variableseng

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