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dc.contributor.authorMoreno-Chuquen, Ricardospa
dc.contributor.authorGonzález Palomino, Gabrielspa
dc.contributor.authorObando Ceron, Johan Samirspa
dc.coverage.spatialUniversidad Autónoma de Occidente. Calle 25 115-85. Km 2 vía Cali-Jamundíspa
dc.identifier.citationMoreno, R., Obando, J., & Gonzalez, G. (2019). An integrated OPF dispatching model with wind power and demand response for day-ahead markets. International Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering (2088-8708), 9spa
dc.description.abstractIn the day-ahead dispatching of network-constrained electricity markets, renewable energy and distributed resourcesare dispatched together with conventional generation. The uncertainty and volatility associated torenewable resources represents a new paradigm to be faced for power system operation. Moreover, in various electricity markets there are mechanisms to allow the demand participation through demand response (DR) strategies. Under operational and economic restrictions, the operator each day, or even in intra-day markets, dispatchs an optimal power flow tofind a feasible state of operation. The operation decisions in power markets use an optimal power flow considering unit commitment to dispatch economically generation and DR resources under security restrictions. This paper constructs a model to include demand response in the optimal power flow under wind power uncertainty. The model is formulated as a mixed-integer linear quadratic problem and evaluated through Monte-Carlo simulations. A large number of scenarios around a trajectory bid captures the uncertainty in wind power forecasting. The proposedintegrated OPFmodel is tested on the standard IEEE 39-bus systemeng
dc.format.extentpáginas 2794-2802spa
dc.publisherInstitute of Advanced Engineering and Scienceeng
dc.relationInternational Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, volumen 9, número 4, paginas 2794-2802, (august, 2019)
dc.rightsDerechos Reservados - Universidad Autónoma de Occidentespa
dc.sourceinstname:Universidad Autónoma de Occidentespa
dc.sourcereponame:Repositorio Institucional UAOspa
dc.subjectDemand responseeng
dc.subjectElectricity marketseng
dc.subjectMonte-Carlo simulationseng
dc.subjectOptimal power flow (OPF)eng
dc.subjectWind powereng
dc.titleAn integrated OPF dispatching model with wind power and demand response for day-ahead marketseng
dc.typeArtículo de revistaspa
dc.subject.lembPower resourceseng
dc.subject.lembDistribución de energía espectralspa
dc.subject.lembRecursos energéticosspa
dc.subject.armarcRenewable energy sourceseng
dc.subject.armarcRecursos energéticos renovablesspa
dc.rights.creativecommonsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)spa
dc.source.bibliographiccitationJ. M. Morales,et al.,“Short-term trading for a wind power producer,”IEEE Transactions on Power Systems,vol/issue:25(1),pp. 554-564,2010spa
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dc.source.bibliographiccitationC.L. SuandD. Kirschen,“Quantifying the effect of demand response on electricity markets,”IEEE Transactions on Power Systems,vol/issue:24(3),pp. 1199-1207,2009spa
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dc.source.bibliographiccitationMatpowerOptimal Scheduling Tool (MOST) package,2017. Available: matpower/manual.pdfspa
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dc.source.bibliographiccitationS. Jang, et al., “A new network partition method using the sensitive of marginal cost under network congestion,” IEEE Power Engineering Society Summer Meeting, 2001spa

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