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    • Assessment of a multiperiod optimal power flow for power system operation 

      Moreno-Chuquen, Ricardo; Cantillo-Luna, Sergio (Nápoles, Italia, 2020-12)
      The optimal power flow is an important tool for power system planning and power system operation. It is used in a 24-hour period to find an economic dispatch of generating units considering network restrictions. The optimal ...
    • CFD simulation of a horizontal axis hydrokinetic turbine 

      López Castrillón, Yuri Ulianov; Lain Beatove, Santiago; Contreras, L. T. (European Association for the Development of Renewable Energy, Environment and Power Quality (EA4EPQ), 2017-04)
      This study presents three-dimensional full transient numerical simulations of a horizontal axis hydrokinetic turbine, HAHT with particular emphasis on the analysis of its hydrodynamic characteristics. Hydrokinetic turbine ...
    • Comparative performance of multi-period ACOPF and multi-period DCOPF under high integration of wind power 

      Larrahondo, Diego; Moreno-Chuquen, Ricardo; Chamorro, Harold R.; Gonzalez-Longatt, Francisco (MDPI, 2021-07)
      Today, the power system operation represents a challenge given the security and reliability requirements. Mathematical models are used to represent and solve operational and planning issues related with electric systems. ...
    • Day-ahead unit commitment for hydro-thermal coordination with high participation of wind power 

      Zuluaga, Jorge; Murillo Sánchez, Carlos E.; Moreno Chuquen, Ricardo; Chamorro, Harold R.; Sood, Vijay K. (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)Tianjin University, 2022)
      The variability and uncertainty of renewable resources impose new challenges in the operational planning related to the unit commitment of generation units. The development of day‐ahead multi‐period optimal power flow, ...
    • Energía eólica. Integración a la red eléctrica 

      López Castrillon, Yuri Ulianov (Universidad Autónoma de Occidente, 2016)
      En esta obra se aborda el estudio de la estabilidad de pequeña señal en sistemas de potencia con alta penetración eólica utilizando la herramienta computacional PSAT para MATLAB. Adicionalmente, se analiza el efecto de ...
    • An integrated OPF dispatching model with wind power and demand response for day-ahead markets 

      Moreno-Chuquen, Ricardo; González Palomino, Gabriel; Obando Ceron, Johan Samir (Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science, 2019)
      In the day-ahead dispatching of network-constrained electricity markets, renewable energy and distributed resourcesare dispatched together with conventional generation. The uncertainty and volatility ...
    • Numerical simulations of active flow control with synthetic jets in a Darrieus turbine 

      Lain, Santiago; López Mejía, Omar Darío; Velasco, D. (Elsevier, 2017-12)
      This study presents two-dimensional numerical simulations of the flow around a cross-flow vertical-axis water turbine (straight-bladed Darrieus type) using active flow control by means of synthetic jets. The performance ...
    • Plataforma de emulación para aerogeneradores de baja potencia 

      Díaz Suárez, Héctor Ernesto; Bolaños Camacho, Jesús Oswaldo (Universidad Autónoma de OccidenteIngeniería EléctricaDepartamento de Energética y MecánicaFacultad de Ingeniería, 2018-04-18)
    • Power system operation considering detailed modelling of energy storage systems 

      Cantillo Luna, Sergio Alejandro; Moreno-Chuquen, Ricardo (International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2020-02)
      The power system operation considering energy storage systems (ESS) and renew-able power represents a challenge. In a 24-hour economic dispatch, the generationresources are dispatched to meet demand requirements considering ...
    • Quantification of operating reserves with high penetration of wind power considering extreme values 

      Obando Ceron, Johan Samir; González Palomino, Gabriel; Moreno-Chuquen, Ricardo (International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE), 2020-04)
      The high integration of wind energy in power systems requires operating reserves to ensure the reliability and security in the operation. The intermittency and volatility in wind power ...