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    • Characterization of phased array-steered acoustic vortex beams 

      Franco Guzmán, Ediguer Enrique; Pazos Ospina, Jhon Fernando; Ealo Cuello, Joao Luis (AIP Publishing, 2016-04-21)
      Acoustic vortex (AV) beams generation is a subject of current interest. Even though different applications have been proposed using AV, their potential of use is still to be explored. Recent research works on particle ...
    • Implementation of the ultrasonic through-transmission technique for the elastic characterization of fiber-reinforced laminated composite 

      Franco Guzmán, Ediguer Enrique; Ealo Cuello, Joao Luis; Meza Valencia, Carlos Alberto (Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Sede Medellín. Facultad de Minas, 2019)
      Laminated composites are widely used in applications when a high strength-to-weight ratio is required. Aeronautic, naval and automotive industries use these materials to reduce the weight of the vehicles and, consequently, ...
    • Ultrasonic determination of the elastic constants of epoxy-natural fiber composites 

      Franco Guzmán, Ediguer Enrique; Meza Valencia, Carlos Alberto; Pazos Ospina, Jhon Fernando; Ealo Cuello, Joao Luis; Casanova Garcia, Gonzalo Fernando (ScienceDirect, 2015)
      This paper shows the applications ultrasonic through–transmission technique to determine the elastic constants of two polymer-natural fiber composite materials with potential industrial application and economic and ...